Farmall BN

This tractor was purchased new by the Harrow Family of 

Christchurch and used on their berry farm.  Used mainly for 

spraying and working between the rows of raspberries.  

When the farm was sold in the early 1990’s it was put into storage.

Purchased in January 2001 and restoration completed in Nov 01.

The BN is similar to the A, B & AV models.  The N is for Narrow

as this model is eight inches narrower than the B. It retains the offset

seating position known as ‘Cultivision’.

IHC produced over 220000 of these four models with only 14967 

being the BN style.  There are very few of this model in New Zealand

Awarded Rowland Trophy for Best Presented Vintage Tractor at

2001 Canterbury A & P Show.

Owned & Restored by: Leo & Stephen Caunter


McCormick Farmall BN

Year of Manufacture: 1945

Serial No: FABN 144776

Technical Specifications.

Cylinders:  4

Bore & Stroke:   3 x 4 inches

Displacement      113.1 cubic inches

Compression Ratio:     5.33:1


Drawbar:    17.35

PTO/Belt:  19.06

RPM:         1400

Weight:      1780 pounds

Number produced:       14967

Road speed:

Tyre size 8.3 x 24

1st:      2 ¼ mph

2nd:     3 mph

3rd:      4 5/8 mph

4th:      9 5/8 mph

Rev: 2 ¾ mph

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