International D2 1937

As found in the vegetable garden

The Story so far.
The International D2 was purchased in Oct 2004 from Don Tasker in the Motueka Valley.  I had known Don for some years and it was at a  meeting to trade some tractor parts earlier that year that he showed me what was under the covers.  That’s nice I thought and then gave it no more attention.  Some months passed and I think I had an epiphany “go and get that truck you idiot”, phone calls made and a deal was done without really seeing it.

I am grateful for the help of Brian Webby who was able to help me shift it.  This was not without drama as the rear brakes with the handbrake on had rusted to the bands and they were locked solid.  We managed to get it to the club grounds at Pigeon Valley and the work was to begin.
Work done to date.
The rotten deck has been removed and replaced.
All brakes have been serviced. All cylinders reconditioned, rear drums machined, new pads fitted.
New battery purchased (6v)
New exhaust system fitted.
Engine started.
The starting story owes thanks to Roger Humphries.  After a bit of direction I found the flywheel would move!!  The valves were tapped back into place, some adjustment to the distributor, fine tuning of the carb and we were ready to tow.  There was smoke, more smoke and a couple of bangs.  About half way around the complex it fired into life.  Since then it starts quite easily and will tick over nicely.  The fuel tank needs replacing so with a temporary gravity feed system we are making do.
As at April 2005 it is getting the rear end sand blasted primed and painted, new towbar fitted.  I can then bring it home for the next stage.
After a trip the engineer the rear chassis has been blasted & primed, rust cut out and repaired. Fuel tank repaired and fitted. Able to bring the truck home in July which makes things a bit easier to work on.  The seat is at the upholsterer.
After a couple of months of no activity there has been quite a burst.
Fuel tank refitted and chassis cleaned & painted.
All electrics cleaned up and tested and going.
The deck was built by Mark Pellow Nov 05.  It has a treated pine sub frame and Belenna hardwood deck.
Seat refitted.
The maiden voyage up the street was in January 06.  The first attempt was ill fated as the battery run out of puff when I got to the bottom of the drive and it stalled.

Front wheel bearings replaced Jan 06 and it was trailered out to the Pigeon Valley Show to be put on display.  It did a few laps without drama.

A few small jobs to do and about ready for warrant & registration.
Repairs to all spring shackles
Repairs to king pins.

April/May 2006.
Progress has slowed a little. After getting a relatively clean bill of health to pass a warrant test I was (I thought) ready for re-registration.  But alas I was not “in the system” so it was letters and info off to the LTSA.  This is a whole new chapter in itself. However we managed to get the green light and in the system truck delivered back for test end of May.  This includes Repair Certifier inspection and no doubt a list of things to fix.  Not quite running right when taking on the hills so I am think adjustment to the carb might be the problem.

June 2006
The battle has been won and now registered and warranted and ready for the road.

The final assault was delayed due to a problem with one brake.  I am indebted to Don Roberts for giving up the best part of a day to track down and repair the problem.
The running problem was resolved by Guy Griffith who found part of the carb internal workings resting on the manifold.  I have no idea how long it had been sitting there but it did make a difference.  The inspectors and I parted company with a shake of the hand and they hope not to see me again for a while.

There remains no shortage of things to do and I will chip away at these as time and $$ permits.

For now though the objective is to get out to Rabbit Island with a picnic and the Thermette for a Sunday drive.

We managed this adventure in July 2007.  A faultless trip out but the same could not be said for the return voyage and this was the start of a few issues which took a while to resolve. To keep the story short, recond Carb, recon fuel pump, birdsnest in fuel pipe + crack in fuel pipe.  New spark plugs, new leads, clean out distributor and a new 6v coil.  Made all the difference and going like a charm.

Oct 06.
A bit of web surfing directed me to where the chassis is stamped with the serial no.  this is D2 6723R.  Which in fact makes it a 1937 model!  Not sure if I will go through all the drama to change all the paperwork but I have a few more facts than when I started.


Progress is slow but steady.  The front panels have been dealt with and I have accquired some basic panelbeating tools to have a crack at getting the cab into shape.


This list is hardly exhaustive but the following have helped in all sorts of ways.
Roger Humphries, Brian Webby, David Holmes, Mark Pellow, Peter Todd, David Cockerell, Murray Elliott, Guy Griffith, Don Roberts, Steve Robinson, Dad!                   Thank you!!!