I have a matching plough to fit both the Farmall Cub & Farmall A.

Both models of tractor came out with implements specifically designed for them.  Sadly over time they are getting harder and harder to find.

The Cub set up requires the drawbar to be reversed and plough is mounted to that in addition either hydraulic system or in our case as it is an early Cub the hand operated levers for depth and pitch.

The story behind getting the A plough is long but worth telling in an abbreviated form.

I came across the plough and beam at a clearing sale (see pic), paid $50 and it took me a further 10 years to find the linking attachment and levers.

Farmall A plough 193

Plough attached to Farmall A

The missing parts came from a Farmall A wreck in Collingwood and the owner was only too happy to help out see my project get completed.  It will need  good clean up and the support of some local experienced ploughmen to get the set up right.  But that is the fun!!!

Finally altogether and looking forward to Club ploughing days to put it to use!